Starting Fresh with Sarah Fawcett


I took some time off, completely frustrated with this computer and website…I still am, quite frankly…. I’m starting to write again, so I don’t think I’ll be posting as often.  It’s tough being an author, thinking you wrote the best novel/trilogy and everyone should read it, but there are a million other self-published authors out there with the same dream of being discovered…  I’m trying to be satisfied with the thought or accomplishment of writing 3 novels!  Right?  I should be happy…  Right?  Talk to you soon.



I lost everything!  I was playing around with the Sarah Fawcett website, trying to improve it’s speed and WHAM!  I deleted everything!

After 3 days of googling and youtubing, there was hope, but then I said f@ch it!

Sarah Fawcett Crying

Sarah Fawcett Crying Over Losing her Website Content

Hang tight!  It’ll be up and running soon.

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