My 30 Day Challenge

Blogging is super time-consuming.  It’s a challenge to self-promote…  Sarah wrote a book. Sarah wants you to buy her book.  Sarah wants you to read her book.  Read Sarah’s Challenge…  However, if I want my book to get recognized, I have to buckle down, right?


Sarah's Challenge

Teutonia Club Spring Craft and Gift Show

This was my booth at the Teutonia Club this past weekend during the Spring Craft and Gift Show.

“The German club has been a local landmark at 55 Edinborough St. for decades, but with its membership aging and dwindling, the club’s executive felt the time was right for its 1950s-era building to be closed.”  (Windsor Star)  Its final day is May 30th.

Sarah's Challenge

Mother’s Day is Next Week


With Mother’s Day next week, I tried to focus on promoting my books using the special day. I know many moms who are readers.  I’m a mom and I love to read…  I don’t think it’s too far-fetched.  Maybe the picture I used is somewhat misleading…. But  I think if any husband bought their wife a sexy, erotic fiction trilogy, their wife would be appreciative.  It’s better than a washer, dryer or a stinkin’ blender.



The opportunity to talk to people about my books always motivates me to promote again. This is why I’m going to try this 30 Day Challenge.

Look out for some blatant self-promotion in the near future.

Sarah's Challenge

This got a few laughs!

Buy it HERE!

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