Sarah Fawcett, Reviewed and Interviewed!

I’m not just Sarah Fawcett, wife, mother and aerobics instructor. I’m Sarah Fawcett, Author (with a capital A). It hasn’t really set in until today. A few weeks ago, I contacted Allegra at and asked her to review The Research Project. She was extremely speedy and read my book in 2 days. Her review is personal and straight to the point:

“It follows Colleen who has a horrible husband and he leaves her because she is supposedly mechanical in sex, though you find out more is happening later, and she decides to go and explore her sexuality and figure out what she’s doing. I really did like the protagonist because I was able to connect with her because she was so real. She didn’t seem to be this extraordinary woman and she was easy to connect to.”

Find the review HERE: She emailed me a few questions and I answered them at my own convenience, so that her readers (and mine!) could get to know me.

Interview with Sarah Fawcett

I Ran Out of M&Ms!!

Question #6: What are 5 things you cannot live without?

  1. Orange Pekoe tea
  2. Peanut M&Ms
  3. Aussie Spray Sprunch hairspray (I have naturally curly hair)
  4. EOS lip balm
  5. My iPod

For the other 9 questions, click on this link: Interview with Sarah Fawcett

Allegra’s blog is crisp and easy to navigate. If you’re a reader, her reviews are descriptive and in-depth. Her blog page states: “Just like a library, I try to keep my shelves up to date, but sometimes I don’t succeed. But I keep trying and usually once a week or at least every two weeks there is a book review and I try and get fun book related things up too!” Check out her website while you’re there. Thanks again, Allegra!

That’s one foot in the door…just another few thousand to go! Sarah Fawcett, onward and upward!

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