One Night with Christine

You’d think promoting my newest book, One Night with Christine would be a bigger hurrah for me… I wrote another book!  It’s my fourth book!  Come on, that’s huge…Right?  I think it’s a great book and my flow of writing is getting much better.  The link between the first trilogy and this one is awesome because I never like it when a book ends, so this gives it a continuation.

I’ve been AWOL since December 1st, since I went to Hawaii for the entire month.  My amazing husband is the reason why we were able to go.  Two weeks in Maui and 1 week in Oahu.  If you ever go to Hawaii, Maui is the ideal destination.  It’s calm, serene and an aquatic paradise. Oahu is like Toronto; bustling and busy.



I’ve also started personal training again at Absolute Fitness in the east end.  First time in twenty years.  It’s exciting and intimidating at the same time. First, I have to promote myself as a trainer and we all know how well I do with self-promotion.  Second, the other trainers are half my age.  I can compete, don’t get me wrong, but it’s surreal.  I still see myself as a twenty year old energetic gym rat. And third, how am I supposed to write my fifth book?  I don’t have idle time on my hands anymore!  I have to more organized with time management than ever before  Task accepted!



One NIght with Christine is available at, and and I will be at Chapters and MET Hospital during the next two weeks.  Click HERE for more information.

One Night with Christine

The Erotic Fiction Spin-Off Novel, “One Night with Christine”

The novel is a spin-off from The Research Project trilogy.  The main character in that novel has a best friend Colleen and Colleen is my heroine in One Night with Christine.

Christine Beckham has had it with relationships. Her father was a narcissistic adulterer, her high school boyfriend was a possessive sociopath and now her trust levels for everyone who enters her life are little to none. However, her enthusiasm for sex and the touch of a man leads her to use men for her own pleasure and have unlimited one-night stands. A man is considered a stud for the same thing she’s doing, but what does society call a woman who sleeps around? Christine won’t let stereotypes and harsh criticism stand in her way of what she wants. She devises rules and chooses her men carefully, enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

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