New! One Night with Christine

After realizing that my deadline needed to be moved up due to my Hawaiian vacation, I wrote furiously and completed my new novel, ‘One Night with Christine’.  I’d like to know your interpretations of the title 🙂

Here’s a blurb:

“Hi, Daddy— 

When I open his office door, I see a woman sitting on daddy’s lap and he’s giving her a horsey-ride.  He used to give me horsey-rides like that, but he says I’m too big now.  Why does she get a horsey-ride and I don’t?

“Uh, Chrissy…”  He pushes the brunette away and she quickly pulls her skirt down, disappearing into his secret bathroom.

No one was supposed to know about his secret bathroom, except me.  There isn’t a door handle to it.  Daddy showed me how to push the special spot on the wall for it to open.  How come that lady knows about the secret bathroom?

“What are you doing here, sweetheart?”  He zips up his pants and tucks in his shirt.

“Who’s that lady?”  I plop down on the chair that goes around in circles and chew on a few strands of my long, blonde hair.

“She’s just my secretary.  She was helping me with my work.”  He sits back down in his plush, leather chair and straightens his tie. 

Work?  That’s funny work.  “Why was she on your lap?”

“Oh…She had something in her eye.  Is school finished already?”  He looks at his watch.

Stay tuned!  I should have it in my hot little hands by the week’s end.


Sarah Fawcett’s new novel, ‘One Night with Christine’

“Man-Eater’, by Daryl Hall and John Oates comes to mind when I think of this novel.

Christine is such a strong character.  I relate in some ways and I wish I was her in others.

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