My Husband Loves Erotic Fiction


Husband loves erotic fiction

Myhusband loves my erotic fiction books!

My husband Rob loves my erotic fiction books. He reads them at the firehall and when he comes home, he likes to give his opinions and feedback.  He has said that he sees where it could be me as the main character Colleen; her curly hair, her organizational traits, how she likes to workout, etc.  However, in many, many ways he sees how that she is definitely not me.

Rob also realizes that both Steve and Jack have many attributes and qualities that can be percieved as his own.  I’m not sure he likes that…  But in no way did I base my characters on him.  I took some quirks and pieces of him into my creation of all the characters, but he is not one, single man in any of my books.


Husband Loves Erotic Fiction

Poo on you!

In the acknowledgements of my first novel I wrote that he was never allowed to read my books.  I’m so glad that he has.  We’re finding a brand new connection that we never knew we had.

So to all those nay-sayers who believed that I wrote about my life or my experiences when I wasn’t with him:  Poo on you!

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