Day 2 – 20 Facts About Me

Today is Day 2 of my Blog Challenge which advises me to tell 20 facts about myself that you may not know.  Here are the 20 interesting pieces of information about Sarah Fawcett:

  1. Born in Hamilton.
  2. Failed Grade 11 math and never took a math class again.
  3. Received a ‘D’ in handwriting and listening in grade school.
  4. Born with a heart murmer.
  5. 3 brothers, 3 step-brothers and 1 step-sister.
  6. Parents divorced when I was 18.
  7. I have naturally curly hair.
  8. Had tonsils out when I was 19.
  9. Went to McMaster University for 2 years and University of Waterloo for 2 years.
  10. Met husband at a bar called Loose Change Louie’s in my 3rd year of university.
  11. Appeared on Camilla Scott, a talk show in Toronto, for an episode entitiled, “People Who Make Out in Public”.
  12. Moved to Kitchener at the end of Grade 11..
  13. Didn’t play any sports in school.
  14. Born with a condition called Chiari Malformation, Type I.
  15. Married in Las Vegas at The Little Chapel of the Flowers.
  16. I pick at my cuticles when I watch television.
  17. Played the flute for 6 years.
  18. Able to flare my nostrils at will.
  19. Kids made fun of my voice in grade school and high school.
  20. Worked at Camp Wahanowin, a Jewish camp in Orillia for 2 summers.
Day 2 - Facts About Sarah Fawcett

19-year old Sarah at Camp Wahanowin

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