The Research Project – Erotica Fiction Trilogy

My newest erotic fiction novel, One NIght with Christine is a spin-off from my trilogy, The Research Project.  The main character from The Research Project has a best friend, Christine Beckham and this novel follows her into the world of casual sex.


Christine Beckham has had it with relationships. Her father was a narcissistic adulterer, her high school boyfriend was a possessive sociopath and now her trust levels for everyone who enters her life are little to none. However, her enthusiasm for sex and the touch of a man leads her to use men for her own pleasure and have unlimited one-night stands. A man is considered a stud for the same thing she’s doing, but what does society call a woman who sleeps around? Christine won’t let stereotypes and harsh criticism stand in her way of what she wants. She devises rules and chooses her men carefully, enjoying the thrill of the hunt.



This erotica fiction trilogy, The Research Project, follows the sexy main character going through some life-changing events…

The Research Project

Erotica Fiction The Research Project

Erotica Fiction Novel – The Research Project Book I

It seems like a good idea…

Psychologist Colleen Cousineau is organized and logical. She even schedules date nights with her husband Steve once a week. Unfortunately, Steve leaves Colleen, stating that her robotic and methodical behaviour is the cause of his unhappiness.

Colleen believes that her lack of experience in the bedroom is the root cause of their split and recognizes that she needs to improve her repertoire to reconcile with Steve. She decides to begin a research study about casual sex.

New environments and testing her limits are all key to the research. The samples and data she collects open her eyes and lead her to form new hypotheses about what makes a marriage work.

As Colleen learns about her own wants and needs, she starts to reevaluate her own life. Will she be able to put the new theories to the test?

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The Research Data

Erotica Fiction - The Research Data

Erotica Fiction Novel – The Research Data Book II

As a psychologist, Colleen Cousineau believes she knows how to handle the aftermath of the brutish trauma she endured. In trying to move on, she finds that her emotions and thoughts are surprising irrational, but keeps everything inside, unwilling to ask for help.

Colleen delves deeper into her research project, with the hope that it will take her mind off her torment and help her to focus again, on the reconciliation with her husband Steve. The data she collects is diverse and gives her more experience, but she finds that it lacks fulfillment.

As Colleen comes closer to her project’s conclusion, many reminders from the ordeal and new obstacles get in the way. Her confidence waivers and she questions the legitimacy of her entire plan. She wants Steve back in her life, but is it worth all the trouble?

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The Research Results

Erotica Fiction The Research Results

Erotica Fiction Novel – The Research Results Book III

The conclusion of the erotica fiction novel, The Research Data will leave you breathless.

The results of the research project are definitive…

Colleen Cousineau has collected enough data to conclude that she’s always been an assertive and sexual person, but her estranged husband stifled the real woman she was meant to become. She purposely chose to ignore his faults to hide the foolish mistake she made in marrying him.

With her new-found outlook on life, love and sex, Colleen turns to Jack and her feelings about him that have come to the surface. She’s pushed him away numerous times and they both lack confidence to pursue a relationship. They wonder if their pasts affect a future they could share.

In the background, Martin Baker creates distressing issues that challenge Colleen’s safety. Will he continue to bother her out of spite or is it leading up to his final act of revenge?

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