Day 9 – Old Photos of Me

Who doesn’t want to show their old, pre-pubescent, crooked teeth, ever-changing awful hairstyles childhood photos?  I sure do!  In one of my last posts, I added baby pictures to help describe my earliest childhood memory, so let’s move on to my grade school and high school years.  And so, here are 6 old pictures of me.  And the humiliation begins!

Day 9 Blog Challenge: Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 1

I was six at R. A. Ridell School.  Let’s pick apart little Sarah Bielby.  The goofy turtleneck sweater is reminiscent of Ernie and Bert on Sesame Street… The uncontrollable hair that wanted to be straight, but my mom’s natural curls were starting to genetically run their course…  Love the very large tortoise shell barette opposite the extreme side part… The forehead is huge!  Some would say that it’s a fivehead…  The grin, sure it’s cute, but thankfully my mouth was closed.   I believe I had my lucky purple tooth at that point.  I didn’t get into a fight or knock it during a fall.  It just became rotted for some reason and we waited until it fell out.



Day 9 Blog Challenge - Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 5

Ten-year-old Sarah  The girl with a boy’s haircut and guess what else I had?  A tail!  Yup, I had a 3 to 4 inch tail. My mom was sick of my unruly hair.  I’m sure the knots and the crying probably pissed her off and she told the hairstylists to chop it off.  I didn’t care.  The basball hat hides it, but it shows you that I was a tomboy.  I played ball tag at recess, ran around with the boys and wanted to play road hockey with my brothers. This picture was taken on Blackstone Lake.  I was fishing with my dad in my uncle’s boat. That was something we did every summer up near Parry Sound.  I was still girly though.  I have never taken a fish off a hook or put a worm on. Just can’t do it, even to this day.



Day 9 Blog Challenge - Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 7

Pre-teen years.  Twelve-years-old, the rattail’s gone and the hair’s growing out slightly.  I think my mom called this haircut, The Dorothy Hamill. Dorothy was a figure skater in the 80’s… not that we followed skating.  My mom wanted to get me a perm, but I freaked out.  I was not going to sitt in a chair for hours.  I had things to do.  If you could zoom in, you’d see my crooked teeth.  Oh, they were so messed up.  I have another striped sweater on…  I made that sweater too, in Home Economics class.  They don’t teach that stuff anymore.  It’s a shame.


Day 9 Blog Challenge - Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 9

I’m a typical teenager.  So first, that’s my mommy.  We really didn’t get along when I was 14 and up until I was out of the house. We were too much alike.  Now, let’s tackle the other issues:  My hair was a blow-dried, round brush, bubble of height and bangs.  It wanted to be curly, but it was still too short to let it be.  I had an afro otherwise.  Another turtleneck sweater and a shaker knit sweater.  Those were the style. BTW, we’re washing our shih tzu in the sink.



Day 9 Blog Challenge - Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 11

Getting into trouble at 16.  This was taken at a Fashion Show that I participated in at Westmount Secondary School. My dad decided to move us from Hamilton to Kitchener right at the end of the school year.  He didn’t even let me enjoy the summer there.  I did some rebelling before I left and continued for a couple of years after.  I got a new, older boyfriend, went to a few house parties, skipped school and went to Emerald Lake (an end of the year party) and I went to Sauble Beach for a weekend (telling my parents I was with my friend’s family).  I was starting to like my hair, although it still had some solid, hairsprayed height, but it was getting longer and that curl appeared basically overnight.  Still can’t see the messed up teeth (I got braces when I was 21).


Day 9 Blog Challenge - Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 13/OAC

18 and loving it!  There’s the hair that I would die to have now! This was taken at Webster’s Falls in Dundas, near Hamilton.  I went back to visit my old neighbourhood and school. Things changed drastically and no one was around. I always wondered what would be different if I had stayed in Hamilton. Would I have gotten an english degree?  Would I even be in fitness?  Who would I be married to?  Would I have kids? Would I have written a book?  I’m blessed how things have turned out for me… especially my hair. I’m so glad my hair figured itself out.



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