Day 5 – Earliest Childhood Memory

My earliest childhood memory is the topic for today’s blog challenge.  I’m only on Day 5 and I feel pretty silly talking about myself so much.  “Oh, look at me!”  Whatever.  Read on….

I obviously don’t remember this day…

Day 5 Sarah Fawcett's 30 Day Blog Challenge: Earliest Childhood Memory

My brother’s Jon and Davy

I’m the one in the dress on my brother, Davy’s lap.  He’s 4 years older than me.  Jon is the little person on the left.  He looks like an Oompa Loompa.  Sorry Jon!  He’s 15 months older than me.

We weren’t very close as kids… or teens… or even now.  I know I can call them if I need something, but they aren’t who I would go to for a heart-to-heart.  They used to torment me and beat me up, but I’m sure I wasn’t innocent.

Now we all live in different cities across Ontario. Davy lives in Hamilton and Jon lives in Wyoming, 20 minutes from Sarnia.


Day 5 Sarah Fawcett's 30 Day Blog Challenge: Earliest Childhood Memory

Collecting Maple Keys in Hamilton

I do remember this day.  We were at my grandpa and grandma’s house in the east end of downtown Hamilton.  We collected maple keys in bags… I don’t know why.  I remember walking to my great grandma’s house around the corner and picking up the keys.  There might have been cake at my Baba’s.  That’s what we called her. I do remember her cakes.  They were chocolate.  I also remember the perogies and cabbage rolls.

My earliest childhood memory is at my first house on the west end of Hamilton Mountain. We lived on Stone Church Road in a town house.  It basically had 6 small floors:  1) Basement, 2) foyer, 3) dining room/kitchen, 4) living room, 5) parents bedroom and bathroom and 6) the kids bedrooms.  Although, the living room may have been on the same floor as the kitchen/dining room.  I can’t remember.  Anyway, in the middle of the night, I remember being scared… I think I dreamt about a spider?… and I tiptoed into my brothers’ room and laid down on the small rug in front of their bunkbeds.  I had to be quiet or they would’ve been mad at me for being in their room.  I was going to sleep there, but I heard my mom walk up the stairs and she picked me up, carried me back to my room and put me back in bed.  I was probably three or four-years-old.

Day 5 Sarah Fawcett's 30 Day Blog Challenge-Earliest Childhood Memory

Cute, little Sarah

Who knew that this little innocent girl dressed in white would turn out to be such a racy, dirty author?

To anyone who has a quick comeback or witty insult…  ZIP IT!

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