Day 4 – Top 5 Pet Peeves

Day 4 of my blog challenge is to state my top 5 pet peeves.  I really had to think about this. Things can annoy me daily, like wet towels and bathing suits dropped in front of the sliding glass door after a soak in the hottub or ripped off toenails found on the coffee table and floor or dirty laundry thrown beside the laundry basket, instead of in it…  Yeah, you know who I’m talking about, don’t you Rob?   I used to swear about those things, but now I’ve learned to ignore and I actually laugh about them.

I thought for awhile and decided that the following things actually make me swear or get me hot under the collar:

  1.  People who don’t say thank you.  This especially pertains to the person I held the door for this morning at Tim Horton’s on Dougall at 6:15am this morning.
  2.  Workers that say, ‘YEP’ instead of ‘You’re welcome.’  You work in the service industry, learn some manners.
  3.  When things aren’t put back in their proper place.  I have 4 pairs of scissors…where are they all?
  4.  Bad driving when trying to drop off and pick up my kids at school.  a) Why do you have to make a u-turn and stop traffic completely because it’s a 3-point turn?There are 3 streets in front of Massey that you can turn down and change direction!  b) Why park 5 feet away from the curb to let your kids out? Don’t students know that they don’t have the right of way on a street?  Don’t walk out in front of me without even looking? c) And what about those cars that speed by me when I let my kids out…slow down, it’s a school zone!
  5. Leah’s forgetfulness.  I take her out for lunch or buy her loads of stuff from the dollar store and an hour later she yells, “You never do anything for me!”  I could say she’s selfish and bratty, but forgetful seems nicer.

    Day 4 - Sarah Fawcett's 30 Day Blog Challenge

    Grammar isn’t really a pet peeve for me, although I’ve been called the grammar police.

What are your biggest pet peeves?  Tell me!

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