Day 3 – Something I Just Bought

I’m following a list I found on the internet for my 30 day blog challenge and I find Day 3’s idea for a post fits.  It may not be very exciting, but I did just buy something.

Day 3 Sarah Fawcett's 30 Day Blog Challenge

The Urban Dictionary defines a toaster as a gun: “You know the po-pos wont let me hold them toasters no mo'”

Tada!  A Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven!

It has a roll-top door which I find extremetly convenient.  I’ve burnt my fingers a few times on the upper elements trying to get toast out of our last oven.  This one is a mini BBQ!  Our last toaster oven went kaput a couple days ago.  The bottom element wouldn’t turn on, so our bread was basically just getting broiled and we had to flip it over to get the other side toasted.

Kind of like tanning…

Day 3 Sarah Fawcett's 30 Day Blog Challenge



I would have rather spent the money on… Oh, I don’t know… Capri spandex pants or a new sports bra…. Or even a lunch at Cora. Mmmmm… Cora.  However, this thing gets used everyday, even more than the microwave.  Thankfully, a toaster oven is pretty cheap compared to a microwave.  I did have an HBC gift card which took $25 dollars off. Score!

Day 3 Sarah Fawcett's 30 Day Blog Challenge

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I can’t believe I just wrote about a toaster oven.


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