Canadian Author at Chapters

I was at Chapters-Devonshire Mall in Windsor promoting my Canadian Author status and my trilogy.

Chapters Windsor

New Canadian Author – Sarah Fawcett

A few days before the event, I was in the ‘What’s going on: Windsor entertainment events Feb. 4 to 10’ and a bunch of people showed up to meet me and buy my book!  I was so excited.  They weren’t friends or relatives LOL.

I met an older gentleman who had 12 grandchildren (I think he said that many!  Might be more) and my husband actually taught one of them in his recruit class for the Windsor Fire Department.  I met a woman from Italy who has written poems about her brother’s disappearance.  She was really sweet and kissed me on the cheek.  Another man who was a teacher in China for seven years asked about the self-publishing process and is supposed to be contacting me with more questions.

Of course, I had some friends who came…

I Hate Selfies

Andromeda Meeting the Canadian Author

Thanks to Lucille and her gang, Andromeda, Alex Hosie, Audrey, Shirley, Anna, Samantha…  I hope you enjoy my books!

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