Blogging is Difficult as an Author

I’ve decided that blogging is difficult as an author.  I do not need to update my website ALL the time.  It’s been stressing me out since my very first book came out.  If I was writing a book every six months, perhaps I can see the need to update my posts here (and on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter–do you see why I’m stressed?).  Even every six months seems like a lot.  How many times could I post, BUY MY BOOKS HERE and BUY MY BOOK HERE?  Perhaps if I was a super star famous author and everyone wanted to know about THE Sarah Fawcett, like what I eat for breakfast and how I wash my hair, then I could see the need for a status update.

Joanna Penn backs me up in her blogpost, 3 Reasons for Writers to Have a Blog … and 3 Reasons Not To  “It’s much harder to promote fiction than non-fiction through a blog. With non-fiction, you can produce posts that relate to your topics – and that tie in with your ideal reader’s current interests. With fiction, you have to generate initial interest in your plot and characters, and this is a lot tougher.”  I’ve tried this in the past, posting articles about casual sex and dating, but those types of articles don’t pertain to most of my readers who are married.  It was a waste of time.

The article states some reasons to blog and number one is to build a platform, which I find incredibly difficult in Windsor. Sure, I have some followers, but do I want to inundate them with information about me?  Um, no. They like my novels, not my attempt at a 30 Day Challenge, including blogs about my Top 5 Pet Peeves or My Earliest Childhood Memory.

Blogging is also an attempt to connect with other bloggers and authors, which I do not have time for.  If I concentrated solely on writing and being an author, and not on group fitness, wellness consulting, personal training, arts and crafts, being a mother and a wife and having a social life, then I could see the value in connecting outside of Windsor.

Blogging is Difficult

Blogging is difficult as an author when you have a million other things to do

This is my agenda.  This year, I finally figured out something that works for me. It’s colour-coded, organized and beautiful to my OCD eyes.  The sticky notes are planned lunches for the kids (blue) and planned dinners (blue)–I’ve followed the plan about 80% of the time, which has been awesome for me, since prior to this system, I was figuring it all out last minute. The right side of the page is my ‘TO DO’ list.  It’s always jammed-packed and I’m constantly adding more, forwarding the incomplete tasks to the following week.  And I just noticed that ‘Write 1000 words for my new novel’ is not on the TO DO list…not that I’d get it done anyway.

Finally, I’m going to take Joanna Penn’s advice and “use [my] blog to occasionally update readers on [my] progress (e.g. when [I’m] about to publish a new book) – but [I] don’t need to spend time writing [here] on a daily or weekly basis.

One Night with Christine

You’d think promoting my newest book, One Night with Christine would be a bigger hurrah for me… I wrote another book!  It’s my fourth book!  Come on, that’s huge…Right?  I think it’s a great book and my flow of writing is getting much better.  The link between the first trilogy and this one is awesome because I never like it when a book ends, so this gives it a continuation.

I’ve been AWOL since December 1st, since I went to Hawaii for the entire month.  My amazing husband is the reason why we were able to go.  Two weeks in Maui and 1 week in Oahu.  If you ever go to Hawaii, Maui is the ideal destination.  It’s calm, serene and an aquatic paradise. Oahu is like Toronto; bustling and busy.



I’ve also started personal training again at Absolute Fitness in the east end.  First time in twenty years.  It’s exciting and intimidating at the same time. First, I have to promote myself as a trainer and we all know how well I do with self-promotion.  Second, the other trainers are half my age.  I can compete, don’t get me wrong, but it’s surreal.  I still see myself as a twenty year old energetic gym rat. And third, how am I supposed to write my fifth book?  I don’t have idle time on my hands anymore!  I have to more organized with time management than ever before  Task accepted!



One NIght with Christine is available at, and and I will be at Chapters and MET Hospital during the next two weeks.  Click HERE for more information.

One Night with Christine

The Erotic Fiction Spin-Off Novel, “One Night with Christine”

The novel is a spin-off from The Research Project trilogy.  The main character in that novel has a best friend Colleen and Colleen is my heroine in One Night with Christine.

Christine Beckham has had it with relationships. Her father was a narcissistic adulterer, her high school boyfriend was a possessive sociopath and now her trust levels for everyone who enters her life are little to none. However, her enthusiasm for sex and the touch of a man leads her to use men for her own pleasure and have unlimited one-night stands. A man is considered a stud for the same thing she’s doing, but what does society call a woman who sleeps around? Christine won’t let stereotypes and harsh criticism stand in her way of what she wants. She devises rules and chooses her men carefully, enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

Buy it NOW!



New Novel Update: One NIght with Christine

Unfortunately, my new novel,  ‘One Night with Christine’ will not be here in Canada until November 30th!  However, I will be doing drop-offs for those who pre-ordered in my area on that day!

It is available on and in 3-5 days….I’ll keep you updated.


Sarah Fawcett's new novel, One Night with Christine

Sarah Fawcett’s, One Night with Christine

New! One Night with Christine

After realizing that my deadline needed to be moved up due to my Hawaiian vacation, I wrote furiously and completed my new novel, ‘One Night with Christine’.  I’d like to know your interpretations of the title 🙂

Here’s a blurb:

“Hi, Daddy— 

When I open his office door, I see a woman sitting on daddy’s lap and he’s giving her a horsey-ride.  He used to give me horsey-rides like that, but he says I’m too big now.  Why does she get a horsey-ride and I don’t?

“Uh, Chrissy…”  He pushes the brunette away and she quickly pulls her skirt down, disappearing into his secret bathroom.

No one was supposed to know about his secret bathroom, except me.  There isn’t a door handle to it.  Daddy showed me how to push the special spot on the wall for it to open.  How come that lady knows about the secret bathroom?

“What are you doing here, sweetheart?”  He zips up his pants and tucks in his shirt.

“Who’s that lady?”  I plop down on the chair that goes around in circles and chew on a few strands of my long, blonde hair.

“She’s just my secretary.  She was helping me with my work.”  He sits back down in his plush, leather chair and straightens his tie. 

Work?  That’s funny work.  “Why was she on your lap?”

“Oh…She had something in her eye.  Is school finished already?”  He looks at his watch.

Stay tuned!  I should have it in my hot little hands by the week’s end.


Sarah Fawcett’s new novel, ‘One Night with Christine’

“Man-Eater’, by Daryl Hall and John Oates comes to mind when I think of this novel.

Christine is such a strong character.  I relate in some ways and I wish I was her in others.

Read the reviews of my trilogy, The Research Project HERE!

New Book Will Be Out November 2016

I said I would start my new book on June 1st…and I did! I’m so excited. I figure I’d say it publicly to carve it in stone and guarantee that I’m going to get it done.  At the rate I’m writing, it’ll be done by mid-November. It’ll be a great Christmas present for all you readers out there!

Do you wanna know what the new book is about?  Send me an email or leave a comment down below!

Sarah Fawcett's New Book

Bring on the blank notebooks!

Get her first trilogy HERE

Day 14 – 3 Ways to Choose Battles

During 12 years of marriage, I never had to choose my battles.  There wasn’t anything I wanted to fight about, but that wasn’t a good thing.  The sh*t finally hit the fan in 2012 and our marriage almost ended.  All because I never fought for the important things. I’ve learned so much about my relationship with my husband in the last 3 1/2 years due to an ernormous amount of talking (and fighting) and I believe we have come to a mutual understanding about many issues.
This is now my favourite LAUGHABLE issue:

Sarah Fawcett's Choose Your Battles

Laughable Battles

Chewed or ripped off toenails left on different surfaces of my house.  And it’s not just me! Look at all these memes about toenail clippings!  Looking at that collage of toenails I can’t help but giggle.  I really do.  I giggle.  My new thing is to take a picture of the evidence when I find it and text it to my honey.  This morning’s text conversation was quite funny:

Choose Your Battles

For those of you who can’t understand his texting, here’s a translation:  “I forgot last night (to pick them up).  That big one hurt.  It was too short.”  And I love “pour”.  Bahaha.

The texting even became a little dirty…  If you can get past the bad grammar/spelling (on his part), you can see that I wasn’t pointing the finger or angry.  I made light of it.

I’m the grammar nazi, neat freak, OCD’er, everything in it’s place kind of person and he’s not.  I’ve learned that he doesn’t leave the nails there on purpose to piss me off.  He ripped them off while watching TV and then forgot about them before we went to bed.  There are other things too, like the wet towels and bathing suits collecting in front of the sliding glass door and the dirty laundry beside the laundry basket instead of in it…  I grumble to myself, but tidy it up because that’s what I do.  I know there are way worse things that we can fight about.

I’m sure your man has quirks or habits that make you livid.  Are they a constant battle?  Ask yourself these questions:

  1.  Does the issue piss you off or is it a personal challenge?  Are you physically and emotionally maddened by the issue?   Why?  Is it a question of respect?  “I try to keep my house clean and he just doesn’t seem to care!”  It’s not that he doesn’t care, you just have the type of man who only thinks about one thing at a time and may well always be like that.
  2.  Will fighting result in change?  If everytime you mention the issue it turns into a fight and it keeps happening, despite the fights…it’s never going to stop.  Can you live with that?
  3.  In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter?  Is it a make you or break you kind of thing?  Does it have serious, long-term implications?  Gross toenails vs an unfaithful man?  What can you personally live with?

If you don’t know how to choose your battles wisely and can’t communicate effectively with your spouse, it may be a good idea to seek marriage counseling.

 “Choose your battles wisely. After all, life isn’t measured by how many times you stood up to fight. It’s not winning battles that makes you happy, but it’s how many times you turned away and chose to look into a better direction. Life is too short to spend it on warring. Fight only the most, most, most important ones, let the rest go.” ~ C. JoyBell C.


This is a good blog post about choosing your battles:

By the way, I realize that I missed Day 12 and Day13…  I’m trying my best here!

Day 11 – Unimportant Top 10 Blog Post

Before we get to my Top 10 Blog Post of Unimportant Favourite Junk, I’d like to say GOOD MORNING! Other than being completely sore from my TRX and kickboxing workout yesterday, I’m in a pretty great mood.  I hope you all are too.

Day 11 - Sarah Fawcett's Unimportant Top 10 Blog Post

I didn’t blog yesterday as I taught for most of the morning and worked in the afternoon. Yes!  I do actually work… but only a little.  I’m a Wellness Consultant for the Employee Wellness Solutions Network.  It includes meeting with employees one-on-one to coach, listen and discuss all aspects of health and fitness.  Every Wednesday, I teach yoga for the Essex branch, too.  After my shift, I made dinner and went to my monthly Arthritis Society meeting to discuss the Walk To Fight Arthritis coming up on June 5th. Donate to my team now!  I could’ve sat down at 9:30pm and typed up something, but I chose to sit with my husband and watch 2 episodes of Survivor.

Since I missed yesterday, I’ve combined 2 days worth of blogging into one post.  This 30 Day Blog Challenge rattles me, as I’ve mentioned/complained before, because I’m telling the world (or just my supportive followers) little facts and insights about myself.  All the while, I’m thinking, “Who really cares that much about me?!!  Ok.  Ok.  Ok.  It’s Day 11 and I realize I have to stop obsessing over that.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for!  My Top 10 Blog Post of Completely Unimportant Junk!

Top 10 Favourite TV Series’ that I enjoy! (in no particular order)

  1. Big Bang Theory
  2. Survivor
  3. Sons of Anarchy
  4. Breaking Bad
  5. Pretty Little Liars
  6. Bates Motel
  7. Better Call Saul
  8. Orange is the New Black
  9. Dexter
  10. The Walking Dead

Top 10 Favourite Movies that I can watch over and over again!  (in no particular order)

  1. 50 First Dates
  2. The Breakfast Club
  3. Bridesmaids
  4. The Green Mile (or anything with Tom Hanks)
  5. Shawshank Redemption
  6. Taken (series)
  7. The Bourne Identity (series)
  8. Jurassic Park (series-except the 2nd one)
  9. Star Wars (series)
  10. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

What movies or TV series’ am I missing? Or which ones can’t you believe that I actually like?

Day 9 – Old Photos of Me

Who doesn’t want to show their old, pre-pubescent, crooked teeth, ever-changing awful hairstyles childhood photos?  I sure do!  In one of my last posts, I added baby pictures to help describe my earliest childhood memory, so let’s move on to my grade school and high school years.  And so, here are 6 old pictures of me.  And the humiliation begins!

Day 9 Blog Challenge: Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 1

I was six at R. A. Ridell School.  Let’s pick apart little Sarah Bielby.  The goofy turtleneck sweater is reminiscent of Ernie and Bert on Sesame Street… The uncontrollable hair that wanted to be straight, but my mom’s natural curls were starting to genetically run their course…  Love the very large tortoise shell barette opposite the extreme side part… The forehead is huge!  Some would say that it’s a fivehead…  The grin, sure it’s cute, but thankfully my mouth was closed.   I believe I had my lucky purple tooth at that point.  I didn’t get into a fight or knock it during a fall.  It just became rotted for some reason and we waited until it fell out.



Day 9 Blog Challenge - Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 5

Ten-year-old Sarah  The girl with a boy’s haircut and guess what else I had?  A tail!  Yup, I had a 3 to 4 inch tail. My mom was sick of my unruly hair.  I’m sure the knots and the crying probably pissed her off and she told the hairstylists to chop it off.  I didn’t care.  The basball hat hides it, but it shows you that I was a tomboy.  I played ball tag at recess, ran around with the boys and wanted to play road hockey with my brothers. This picture was taken on Blackstone Lake.  I was fishing with my dad in my uncle’s boat. That was something we did every summer up near Parry Sound.  I was still girly though.  I have never taken a fish off a hook or put a worm on. Just can’t do it, even to this day.



Day 9 Blog Challenge - Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 7

Pre-teen years.  Twelve-years-old, the rattail’s gone and the hair’s growing out slightly.  I think my mom called this haircut, The Dorothy Hamill. Dorothy was a figure skater in the 80’s… not that we followed skating.  My mom wanted to get me a perm, but I freaked out.  I was not going to sitt in a chair for hours.  I had things to do.  If you could zoom in, you’d see my crooked teeth.  Oh, they were so messed up.  I have another striped sweater on…  I made that sweater too, in Home Economics class.  They don’t teach that stuff anymore.  It’s a shame.


Day 9 Blog Challenge - Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 9

I’m a typical teenager.  So first, that’s my mommy.  We really didn’t get along when I was 14 and up until I was out of the house. We were too much alike.  Now, let’s tackle the other issues:  My hair was a blow-dried, round brush, bubble of height and bangs.  It wanted to be curly, but it was still too short to let it be.  I had an afro otherwise.  Another turtleneck sweater and a shaker knit sweater.  Those were the style. BTW, we’re washing our shih tzu in the sink.



Day 9 Blog Challenge - Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 11

Getting into trouble at 16.  This was taken at a Fashion Show that I participated in at Westmount Secondary School. My dad decided to move us from Hamilton to Kitchener right at the end of the school year.  He didn’t even let me enjoy the summer there.  I did some rebelling before I left and continued for a couple of years after.  I got a new, older boyfriend, went to a few house parties, skipped school and went to Emerald Lake (an end of the year party) and I went to Sauble Beach for a weekend (telling my parents I was with my friend’s family).  I was starting to like my hair, although it still had some solid, hairsprayed height, but it was getting longer and that curl appeared basically overnight.  Still can’t see the messed up teeth (I got braces when I was 21).


Day 9 Blog Challenge - Sarah Fawcett's Old Photos

Grade 13/OAC

18 and loving it!  There’s the hair that I would die to have now! This was taken at Webster’s Falls in Dundas, near Hamilton.  I went back to visit my old neighbourhood and school. Things changed drastically and no one was around. I always wondered what would be different if I had stayed in Hamilton. Would I have gotten an english degree?  Would I even be in fitness?  Who would I be married to?  Would I have kids? Would I have written a book?  I’m blessed how things have turned out for me… especially my hair. I’m so glad my hair figured itself out.



Day 8 – Blog Challenge Fail

Sarah Fawcett Self-Promotion

Blog Challenge Fail

I cheated.  Blog Challenge Fail.  I didn’t write anything on Saturday and I posted a Book II excerpt on Sunday.  I didn’t do Day 6:  My Guilty Pleasures or Day 7:  10 Favourite Foods.  Who the hell cares what I binge on anyway?  I’m sure I’m like any women with hormones, a hectic life and a craving for chocolate!   But a challenge is a challenge… It was Mother’s Day and I was pretty busy, but that’s just an excuse, I suppose.

Blogging is THE hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.  Whenever I’ve had a job, I’ve always been dedicated and put full effort into it.  I never, ever, ever procrastinated and I find it maddening that I’ve started doing it now.  Who am I?  Finally, I’ve always had a positive attitude and enjoyed the work I’ve done.  Why don’t I like this?

Here’s my real excuse:  Technically, this isn’t really a job because I ain’t getting paid… I’m doing this so that readers can see how my mind works and get to know me.  Why?  If anyone is thinking about reading my books they check out this site and see how popular I am (it IS a popularity contest in the fiction world) and possibly buy my books OR if I write more books they can stay tuned, read my blog and wait for it to come out.

How can I switch my mind around to embrace self-promotion?


If I focus on these personality traits that I have been personally proud of in the past, perhaps blogging will get easier.

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”

~Jesse Owens

Guess what Day 8’s challenge was?  3 Personality Traits I Am Proud Of.


Book II – The Research Data excerpt

In this snippet of Book II – The Research Data, Colleen is having a steamy dream about someone, but she’s not sure who!

The Research Data - Book II


We collapse on the bed and he pulls out of me.  I catch my breath and casually get up on one elbow.  I need to know who it is.  My gut is telling me that it’s Steve, but I’m not sure.  It would be amazing if it was him.  Who else would it be?  I still can’t see his face.  His body looks like Steve’s… I think.

He sluggishly turns toward me.  I can’t speed up my dream.  Who is it?

“Am I everything you want in a hero?”


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